Ghazal #85, Divan-e-Hafez

We didn’t taste her sweet red lips, and now she’s gone.
We didn’t see enough of her moon like face, and now she’s gone.

Maybe our talk exhausted her to nothing?
She packed up- we couldn’t reach her, and she’s gone.

However much we recited prayers and koranic verse,
And blew most special and holy surah after her, she’s gone.

She was coy, and said- I won’t leave this path of blame.
You see, how, in the end, we bought such deceit- she’s gone.

She moved in the field of beauty and grace, but
We didn’t walk to the garden of union, and she’s gone.

Like Hafez, we cried and cried and moaned all night
That we did not arrive to say goodbye, and she’s gone.




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