ghazal #337 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

All my life each day I’ve been walking in search
and each moment made entreaty of reputation.

Without the waxing light of my love, how to pass the days?
I set a snare on the path, and place a bird inside it.

Where are Aurang and Golchere- image of faithful love?
And now, I make my best move to be a lover?

I know this coughing blood day and night
will bring to an end my grief and colorful story.

That I might have news of the slender cypress
all about I shout with love at graceful motion.

Although a quiet heart does not grant heart’s desire,
I draw fancy’s picture and hope for lasting augury.

Although absent from him and, like Hafez, down on wine,
among the spiritual I have a glass from time to time.

Notes: Regarding “reputation”: according to Meher Baba,
“Hafez was very ugly and born of poor parents. His father
was a coal merchant. Hafez, too, was a coal merchant and
very black with soot.” Lord Meher, 6138

Yet Hafez was guided by the star of his genius to become
the greatest poet in the Persian language!




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