ghazal #360 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

the ancient fatwa of the magian elder
says that wine is forbidden where there is no friend.

i will rip up this coat of hypocrisy- what to do?
rude company is torture to the spirit.

o that her lips might let fall a drop of wine-
for years i have sat here at the wineshop door.

maybe she forgot my long, long service.
dawn breeze, tell her of our ancient agreement.

were you to pass over my dust one hundred years hence,
my rotten bones will arise dancing from the dirt.

the beloved robbed the heart of a hundred hopes at first,
but the noble one will not forget the promise at last.

tell the young rose not to close in despair-
the sigh of dawn and morning’s breath will inspire.

o heart, place the thought of safety at another’s door-
the lover’s pain does not improve with the doctor’s help!

seize the jewel of gnosis you carry within you-
the lucre of gold and silver is the lot of others!

the snare tightens unless god’s grace befriends-
otherwise, adam loses to accursed satan.

hafez, you have no gold and silver- so what! give thanks
you have the wealth of graceful speech and a nature free!

notes: fatwa= religious edict.




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