ghazal #33 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

when god made your form of heart-opening eyebrows,
he tied the start of my affair to your eye-glancing.

he stole quiet from both heart and longing bird,
when he veiled both you and flower with covering.

many the knot was loosened from the rosebud’s heart,
when the rose breeze bound the heart to scent of you.

cycles of time made me pleased with your bonds,
but to what avail when the thread’s end lies in your pleasure.

do not knot up my poor heart like a bag of musk,
when promise by your loosening curls is given.

o time of union, indeed you were another life-
see the heart’s mistake in having hope of your trust!

i said, “i will leave town by your cruel hand!”
with a laugh, he replied, “hafez, your foot is bound.”




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