ghazal #371 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

we don’t speak badly, and incline not toward falsity.
we don’t call robe black, nor dye our own cloak blue.

we don’t inscribe bad letters in the book of learning.
we don’t join truth’s secrets to pages of lies.

the blame of rich and poor is more or less great-
my best advice is to remain indifferent to both.

the heavens split the ship of the lords of knowledge-
the best support does not rest on the plunging sea.

if the shah does not respect the rend‘s drink,
w will not incline toward his pure and clear wine.

and if envy speaks or a friend rages, say
be happy- for we do not give ear to fools.

hafez, if the enemy lies- let it go- and,
if he tells the truth, we won’t quarrel with that!

notes: apparently the shah offers filtered wine,
but hafez drinks the dregs.




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