ghazal #248 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

o you by whose bright face the tulip bed grows green- return!
because without your rosy cheek, the spring of life is gone.

if tears fall from the eye like rain- so be it!
because life, in grief for you, has left like lightning.

these one or two breaths that hold the promise of seeing you
reveal our business, even though life remains uncertain.

how long will the sweet sleep of dawn and morning wine last?
be awake, look out! life’s options are running out!

he passed by yesterday but glanced not at me-
desperate the heart which sees nothing of passing life!

no one has thought for fana’s infinity
when life is centered on the lips of your mouth.

the horsemen of calamity lie in ambush at every turn-
for this reason life’s rider runs with broken rein.

i live without life, but don’t consider that strange-
why count the days of separation as part of life?

hafez, tell your story- for on these pages of the world
this writing from your pen will remain as life’s reminder.

notes: fana= spiritual annihilation.




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