ghazal #118 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

he who protects the land of the people of faith-
god protect him in all ways from calamity.

if you wish that the beloved not break his word,
hold your end of the thread, that he hold his.

about the friend’s pain- i don’t give news but to friend,
because friend holds dearly the word of dear friend.

i’ll give gold, silver, heart and soul to that beloved
who holds dearly the truth of loyal friendship.

gentle breeze, if you find my heart caught in his curly hair,
with all kindness please tell it to hold fast to its place.

o heart, live in such a way that if a foot slips,
the angel with two hands in prayer will protect you.

he does not protect our heart and has no time for its pain-
but god regards what rises from the hands of his slave.

o where is the dust of your path, that hafez
might be brought a fragrant reminder by the breeze?




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