ghazal # 379 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

for god’s sake, sit less with those wrapped in robes-
don’t hide your face from the unadorned rend!

in this cloak there is a great defilement, but
joyous is the wine-seller’s appearance!

you are slender of form and without strength to bear
such a group of those as robed in pomposity.

come, and see the deceit of these shysters,
a cup of the heart’s blood, with harp whining!

since you have made me drunk, don’t sit down veiled-
since i drank what you gave me, don’t give me poison!

i see no pain at all among these wannabes-
may the pleasure of those who drink the dregs be pure!

listen, beware of the ardency of hafez-
for he has a heart like a screaming kettle!

note: see entry of 1/05/09 for rend. an admission t0
astute scholars- the “screaming kettle” is really a boiling




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