ghazal #198 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

now that the rose has been born from nonexistence-
the violet has lowered its head at its feet.

drink the morning glass to the sound of daf and harp-
kiss both cheeks of the saqi with song of ney and oud!

in the time of the rose, don’t sit without wine, lover and song-
for it abides but a while, its time just a week.

from the houses of sweet herb in the luminous heavens,
it became earth by lucky star and auspicious ascendant.

by the hand of the slender beloved, breathing jesus’ name,
drink wine, and forget the stories of ad and samud.

the world is like paradise with lily and rose-
but of what use, when there is no abiding in it?

how the rose mounts on air, like solomon, at dawn
when the bird arrives with the songs of david.

in the garden, revive the rites of the zorastrian faith,
now that the tulip has rekindled the fire of nimrod.

drink the morning glass in memory of the asaf of our time,
vazir to the kingdom of solomon, imadu’d-din mahmud!

may it be that hafez by the grace of his patronage,
might find all that which he is petitioning!




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