ghazal #5 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

O men of heart- for God’s sake, I’m losing it-
this pain of having the hidden secret revealed!

We are a ship broken and beaten: rise up good wind-
may we see again our familiar friend of old!

For ten days heaven’s mercy is story and magic;
O friend, count as a great boon kindness toward friends!

Last night the nightingale sang for our circle of rose and wine-
stagger to your feet, you drunks, and drink the morning glass!

A bowl of wine is Alexander’s mirror. Look-
that you may see the affairs of Dara’s kingdom!

O Lord of grace, in gratitude for your well-being,
inquire each day of the helpless dervish.

The comfort of the two worlds lies in these two sayings:
to friends kindness, and to enemies civility.

I was not allowed to enter the street of good repute;
if you don’t approve- go try and re-write my fate!

The daughter of the bitter grape called the mother of evil,
is more sweet and pleasant to us than the kisses of virgins.

In a tight-fisted time, seek pleasure and drunkenness-
for the alchemy of life can make a beggar a king!

The graceful speakers of Persian are the givers of life-
saqi- bestow the good news on the old men of Fars!

Hafez did not himself wear this wine stained cloak;
O sheik of pure, starched gown- please do forgive us!

notes: Alexander and Dara= ancient Greek & Persian kings.
kisses of virgins= such attentions await the faithful in heaven.




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