ghazal #256 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

Who will again inquire about the bloodied hearts,
and ask of the heavens about the blood-red vats?

If the drunken narcissus should lift its head again,
may it be shamed by the eyes of wine-worshipers!

Whoever offers the cup like the tulip,
will splash and wash the cheek with blood.

Enough, that the harp has spoken in melody;
cut off its strands of hair that it lament no more!

Apart from the connoisseur of wine, Plato,
who can offer to us the mysteries of wisdom?

My heart will not flower like a rosebud again,
unless it smells anew the crimson tulip-cup.

If he does not die, Hafez will circle around
the most sacred wine temple of Mecca!




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