ghazal # 363 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

why seek well-being from us, when we invite drunkards?
with the roll of your drunken narcissus eyes, peace is gone!

open the wine-house door, because the khaneqah has nothing-
believe it or not, this was the fact. we have spoken.

by your eye, o saqi, i have fallen on hard times, but
for troubles from the beloved, we give a thousand thanks!

i described your body as tall and slim, but was embarrassed
as to why this comparison and slander was made.

if you do not forgive me, you will regret it later-
keep this in mind, how we have spoken of service!

my liver, like a musk pod, has become blood- which i deserve:
payback for wrongly saying “china,” in reference to her hair!

you have become fire, o hafez, although she remains cool-
with the rose’s bad faith, it’s like we’ve been talking to the wind!

notes: khaneqah= sufi center. saqi= wine bearer.




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