ghazal #310 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

I speak freely and am happy with my words:
I am the slave of love and am free of both worlds!

A bird from heaven’s garden, how describe
My fall into the pit and snare of disaster?

I was an angel and sublime heaven my home:
Adam brought me to the ruins of this world.

Blissful bower of houri’s arms by heaven’s pool
Was forgotten in the desire of your alley.

My heart’s slate bears only the alif of the friend’s form;
What can I say- the master taught me no other letter!

No astrologer recognized my star’s fortune;
O Lord, to the mother of time with what fate was I born!

Ever since I became the ear-ringed slave of love’s wine,
Each breath brings me new pain with “may you be blessed”!

The pupil of my eye drinks the heart’s blood- amen!
Why did I give my heart to the crowd’s favorite?

Wipe the tears from Hafez’s face with her curls-
Or this constant flood will carry him away!

notes: alif= the first letter of the persian alphabet
which symbolically contains all other letters, and
which resembles a standing figure. houri= buxom
astral girlfriend.




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    excellent Bill….Jai Baba…..Dennis from Myrtle Beach..

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