ghazal #311 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

you see me and increase my suffering at once-
i see you and my longing increases each moment.

you don’t ask about me, and i don’t know your mind.
you do not seek my cure- do you not know my pain?

this is not the way- to treat me like dirt and leave!
pass by- but talk to me, that i become your path’s dust!

i will not let go your damaan- except in dust, yet still
cling to your hem as you walk over me again.

my breath fades from your love’s pain, yet you breathe!
you have ruined me, but you do not say “arise”!

last night i found my heart again among your curls;
i saw your cheek and drank again from crescent lips.

suddenly i held you and your hair got all entangled-
i placed my lips on yours and offered heart and soul.

be happy with hafez and go tell the enemy to give up;
when i feel your warmth, why fear the rival’s cold speech?




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