ghazal #91 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

0 hoopoe of the east wind, i send you to sheba.
look, from where to where am i sending you?

what a shame, a bird like you in this world of pain:
i’ll send you from this place, to the sky of promise!

in the way of love, there is no near or far refuge-
i see you clearly, and i’m sending a prayer.

i send with the winds of east and north,
dawn and dusk, a caravan of good wishes.

that the army of grief not plunder the heart’s wealth,
i am sending my very own soul for ransom.

bring wine, saqi, for a voice from heaven gave the news:
“be patient with your pain, i have sent the remedy”.

o you, the unseen one, who has become the heart’s friend-
i am saying my prayers and sending my thanks to you!

in your own face enjoy the skill of god-
i have sent a god-revealing mirror to you.

that minstrel might declare my passion for you,
word, song and melody are now coming to you.

hafez, our song is the reciting of your excellence;
hurry up, horse and robe of honor now await you!

notes: in the qoran, solomon sends the queen of sheba
a letter with the hoopoe, admonishing her, and
demanding that she surrender.




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