ghazal #234 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

I have come from the heart, but with no success;
I came out of myself, but did the friend come in?

In this way life’s span has reached an end, yet
the trials of your long curls remain endless!

I have such longing in the dust at your door,
I now die for the water of life I’ll never see!

My heart has many stories about the dawn breeze,
but with my luck tonight, the dawn will never come!

Maybe, by the beloved face of the friend-
but by no other, will all of this come to pass.

We have not sacrificed life or goods for the friend;
alas, that not even this much have we done for love!

Hafez’s heart has become so very shy of everyone
that he now hides himself in your curls upon curls!




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