ghazal #351 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

full of youth and joy that day i leave this ruined house,
and seek comfort for my soul: i will find the beloved.

although i know the foreign road has no end,
i will pursue the scent of her disheveled curls.

with hurt body and spent heart, like the dawn breeze
i will follow that striding cypress with affection.

my heart was terrified of alexander’s prison-
i will pack up and find the kingdom of solomon.

if, on the way to him, i have to travel on my head like a pen,
i will go with a wounded heart and weeping eye.

i vowed one day, if i walk through this door of pain,
that i would enter the wine house happy and singing.

a dancing dust mote longing for him,
i will go to the eye of the blazing sun.

the arabian does not know the donkey’s burden.
o pure one, help me to travel with joy and ease!

if, like hafez, i don’t find my way out of this desert,
i will go with the retinue of the asaf of our time.

notes: asaf= proverbially wise counsellor to solomon,
and a sobriquet for hafez’s patron.




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