ghazal #78 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

o ascetic of pure nature- don’t blame the rend!
the sins of others won’t be held against you.

whether i am good or bad- go battle yourself.
in the end, every man reaps the crop he sows.

drunk or sober, everyone is in search of the friend,
and everyplace, temple or mosque, is the house of love.

my head in submission at the wine-house door of brick-
if the pretender doesn’t get this, say “thick as a brick”!

do not make me lose hope of past acts of timeless grace!
how do you know, behind her veil, lovely from hideous?

it’s not only that i fell out of pious solitude-
my father, adam, let paradise slip from his hands!

if your nature is this- great, it’s your good nature, and
if your mind is such- excellent, it’s your good mind!

hafez, if on the day of your death you raise a glass-
from the wine-house alley, at once you go to heaven!

notes- rend= see link for rendi.




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