ghazal #73 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

the path of love is a way that has no shore.
a place for which there is no remedy but to die.

every moment the heart submits to love is joyous,
and what need of augury to do the good work?

seize the chance to take the path of rendi. this way
is like a road to treasure that the public never finds.

don’t scare us with the “no” of reason- just bring wine.
the enforcer has no business with our holiness.

with the pure eye, one can see the crescent beloved.
not every eye is the home of such a splendid curve!

ask of your own eye, who is killing us? my dear,
it is not the sin of what rises, nor the fault of stars.

hafez’s crying has brought you no shame at all-
that heart no less hard than stone, amazes me!

notes: what rises= rising sign of the horoscope,
which determines planetary rulerships. stars=
“wandering stars”- the planets.
rendi= see link for rendi




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