ghazal #421 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

Saqi, bring the tulip-cup now that it is filled with wine;
why this incoherence, and how long this nonsense?

Leave all pomp and pride behind, because time has seen
Caesar’s robe rot away and King Kay lose his crown.

Be aware, the bird of the meadow is drunk with song;
wake up, the sleep of oblivion is right behind you!

Beautiful and slender you sway, new branch of spring;
may you not be ravaged by the terror of winter’s wind!

Do not rely on the kind wheel of time and its play;
pity on that one who has felt safe from its deceit!

Tomorrow, the wine of heaven and houri are ours;
but today, we have the Saqi’s bright face and glass!

The dawn breeze brings memories from the time of youth;
grant o youth, the soul’s remedy that relieves sorrow!

Do not regard the pomp and rule of the rose, because
the wind has torn and left under foot all its petals.

Bring, in the name of Hatim of Tay a flagon of wine,
that we can close the book on the black names of misers.

From the wine that confers slender beauty to the arqavan,
the grace of its nature rolls like sweat down its cheek.

Carry the throne to the garden, because like the service of slaves
the cypress is standing, and the reed pen prepared to write.

Hafez, news of the wonderful charm of your magic has reached
the borders of China and Egypt, and the regions of Rum and Ray.

notes: Saqi= wine bearer. grant o youth…= the idealized saqi
in court poetry is a beardless youth. houri= buxom astral girlfriend.
Hatim…= good and generous bloke. arqavan= a reddish resinous tree.
Rum= Byzantium. Ray= area of Iran.




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  1. bill gannett says:

    excellent poem by hafez and good translation i gather, coral at top of page is good, raindust

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