ghazal #448 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

A thousand times, I have tried to make you my friend
For you to fulfill the desire of my restless heart.

You have become a light for my eyes keeping vigil,
And become the companion of my hopeful heart.

Since Khosrow of such excellence favored his slaves,
May you like him be for me my great good king!

Those carnelian lips which have bloodied me with kisses-
If I make a complaint, may they be my secret’s keeper.

In that garden where idols walk hand in hand with lovers,
Should your hand appear, may I find you my beloved!

A leaping ray of the Sun would be small prey for me,
If a bright gazelle like you were at last my quarry.

The three kisses from your two lips which are my due,
If not given, will place you singularly in my debt.

I consider this one desire for myself; that at midnight
Instead of flowing tears, I hold you in tight embrace!

I am the hafez of my city, but not worth a damn-
Unless you out of your kindness become my lover!

notes: Khosrow= legendary pre islamic king.
hafez= one who has memorized the Qoran.




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