ghazal #212 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

from the beginning, the one worthy of the grace of fortune,
until the end, holds the cup of desire as the soul’s friend.

that very moment i was about to repent of wine-
i said, “if this vine bears fruit, it will be all remorse.”

boldly, i threw the lily-white prayer rug over my shoulder.
would a cloak colored rose-red with wine, suit the moslem?

without the lamp of the cup, i cannot find my solitary seat-
look- the back alley of the people of heart must have light!

ignore the jeweled cup, but have the sublime desire-
to the rend, the water of the grape is precious ruby!

although our work appears a muddle, don’t think it easy-
indeed, in this country, begging is the pride of sultans.

if you desire good name, o heart, don’t talk with the bad-
wretched company, my dear, is proof of ignorance.

spring, good friends and reciting poetry among us-
bad luck, not to seize the wine cup from the beloved.

yesterday,  a friend said,  “hafez drinks in secret”-
my dear, that is no crime which is better concealed!




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