Darvish, learn to walk…

My life drove like a junker stalling on empty,
Until i met you, rising through the centuries.

What matter then, my lurching, desperate habit,
And strange muttering so full of exhausted pleas

When I met the silence that brought me to a halt,
And mind surrendered its charades on fallen knee.

But what now, with the belly gnaw and gastric blues
Blessing day and night, and billy can for foul tea?

We forgot so much- like how to wipe the dirty ass
Clean without paper, and keep the mind pure and free.

It’s a long way back, to where we came from, and now
The sky is full of pain, like the black, moaning sea.

Darvish, learn to walk with style, all over again:
Learn to walk with the spirit of the redwood tree!




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