Last night the rose blushed…

Last night the rose blushed in scarlet hue, but today
she doesn’t know me- she has nothing at all to say .

Love was so brilliant at first, her sweat radiant
perfume that filled my life, her wet lips all deft play.

Her lips were all mine, my mind beyond all thought
of today, and the tsunami of tears’ waves’ way.

That I held you in tight embrace was most lovely,
but now, now I am gasping with the sea’s salt spray.

What tale would more increase my rival’s great delight
than this, that my rose is furled in the spring of May?

Get lost, all of you, voyeurs of my empty arms-
I have nothing at all but despair to display!

Listen to Darvish, how he sings his beautiful song
to the Silent love who has nothing, nothing to say!




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