When were we ever drunk…

When were we ever drunk but with his lovely name-
our sobriety only deserves your righteous blame.

We are indignant with all the usual double thinks-
we remain true to our singular bootleg drink.

We know about prohibition, how it made Big Fist rich,
and how priest hoarded spirit, to make church a bitch.

Uncork the bottle, and our wet lips will proclaim,
there is no god but god, and drink is his real name!

We have nothing more to say to the good preacher,
he also is one of god’s dear and dumb creatures.

Let him growl on and on about bad behavior,
the bottle’s gurgling speech is our blessed savior.

Darvish was partying all day and far into the night;
by dawn, his flushed face was radiant with pure light.




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  1. bill gannett says:

    thirst quenched i still walk out for tea says raindust

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