When can I see you, this is what I need to know

When can I see you, this is what I need to know;
your words full of promise are a grand empty show!

Minutes have become like days, and I can’t keep track
of when it was you said, “certainly, I’m coming back!”

I don’t know what to believe, and does it even matter?
You toss your words around like they were pizza batter.

You said such nice things, I can’t even consider;
what’s next I wonder: “I love you like no other”?

That’s right, I know you’ll say it: “you are most dear to me.”
That would be too corny- to love me, so perfectly!

I will bake you such a pie you can never resist:
all of my apple love and my sweet cinnamon kiss!

Wait, what’s that- a knock on the door; my lost lover?
Darvish, when you start crying like a woman, it’s over!




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