We have surrendered to you as lord, master and friend

We have surrendered to you as lord, master and friend;
your glory as truth and beauty we have sworn to defend.

Our allegiance to the past is buried with a shovel-
we no longer live in rite and ritual’s shoddy hovel.

Truth’s bright flame does not burn in religious cant,
but smolders in the black smoke of priestly rant.

Institutional faith has passed its expiration date:
moldy white bread served on a gilded dinner plate!

We no longer despair about religion’s integrity-
long ago we consigned it to outhouse probity.

We have remained cheerful despite spiritual filth:
the beloved’s smile uplifts us with joyous mirth.

Our great fortune is to no longer bother with the dull-
Darvish cries out with each breath, the beloved is all in all!

italics: line from francis brabazon




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