the dawn breeze brought me…

the dawn breeze brought me the scent of shirazi wine:
at once, i swore a vow to all other drink decline.

let the world drink gallons and gallons of soda pop,
and clap as the geyser of carbonated vomit drops!

most have nothing better to do than eat and shit;
stock up on super size diapers-  they are a big hit!

this problem is not so funny when in your face;
sometimes, it’s not so easy to avoid disgrace.

my best advice is to practice getting dead drunk;
“live free and die” i say, why pass your life in a funk?

forgive me if my conversation is a bit muddled-
the world is upside down and completely addled!

may darvish recommend the vineyard of hafez;
a bottle of his wine has never not won first prize!




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