the poet hafez has elegant wit…

the poet hafez has elegant wit and great humor;
he is always independent and despises rumor.

he is an unmatched existentialist, with diamond love:
the light of his feeling nature shines with perfect resolve.

the friend with long curly hair is his beloved master;
repeatedly, he likens him to the great zoroaster.

he calls himself a rend, for whom only longing exists;
although he knows the koran by heart, beauty is his text.

he plays his game at court with brilliant double entendre;
the patron and the friend are well pleased, but not the mullah!

the rend is drunk on red wine and cavorts with his lover-
perfect like the prophet and who compares with no other.

even now, most scholars and muslims remain bamboozled;
darvish guzzles his bright bottle at this sad shemozzle!




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