some things are so obvious…

some things are so obvious, but somehow remain obscure:
god is infinite and one, and all his prophets are pure.

that we have to think about this is not encouraging;
one feels so important to make remarks disparaging!

the fact is, not only is god infinite truth and love,
but he lives in the heart as one’s very own treasure trove.

yes, it is true, not every single, bloody aspirant,
will buy a shovel and keep on digging ’til he finds it!

few of us fall in love with back-breaking manual work-
why not pay a mexican dirt wages, with a rich smirk!

last night i heard a dog barking at the big, yellow moon;
it was snarling about having lost a bright silver spoon.

darvish, thank god for your name and that your muscles all ache;
clearly, these are two things much better never to fake!




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