wherever nandi is…

wherever nandi is, shiva is not too far away;
the bull is the gate keeper who blocks strangers from the way.

to approach and meet god you must have a beloved friend;
only the perfect master can all confusion upend!

the glorious guru has become fully god conscious;
avatar is god revealed as man, by such a master’s kiss.

strive to receive the avatar’s overflowing grace,
as you lift your glass in praise of his merciful face!

when the lord himself out of compassion takes human birth,
oceans of love wash and purify our worn and tired earth.

now is the time to rejoice in ancient jubilation;
our beloved god has come down to our earthly station!

darvish was walking in the garden when he was nuzzled;
nandi licked his cheek with a warm wet kiss that dazzled!




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