the lover gone crazy…

the lover gone crazy is a pathetic sight:
everyone is embarrassed by a majnun’s plight.

the madness of such overwhelming love is rare;
sober society can only stand and stare.

the one seized by love becomes a local event;
however, the lover remains indifferent!

the lover gone majzoob is a special instance;
only in the east does one drown in divine bliss!

this happens most often in holy india;
such intense exalted love is not trivia!

it is said, majnun loved layla with such a will,
his head came to rest on the perfect master’s sill!

look, if you think darvish is spinning a story-
you have no idea about god’s own glory!




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  1. Lewis Gannett says:

    Bill, your post is great. I HATE this reply corral. It’s totally unnecessary. Why? Are you capturing data for profit? I advise: A different format.

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