the master is always eloquent…

the master is always eloquent in his expressive silence;
he both inspires the intellect, and abides in holy presence.

it is our spiritual odyssey to find space between our thoughts;
we walk hand in hand with you after passing through the clashing rocks.

we long for the blessed landscape of your divine companionship;
lord and master, help us to surrender the mind in your worship!

the darkening blue revolving dome above with stars of twinkling light,
is your celestial coat with bright stitches of light for the night.

our greatest problem is to turn around and find we are still here;
if only the devil himself could help us truly disappear!

may our diabolical genius detonate like hell’s fireworks;
let the friend be well entertained, and save us from going beserk!

the bird of twilight complained to the departing rose, please don’t leave-
the morning will never come, and poor darvish will the long night grieve!




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