the beautiful pathan princess…

the beautiful pathan princess fled her wedding for god,
she wandered in the wilderness desperate to find her lord.

she had cheeks like red roses- golrokh was her early name;
her fragrant spirit and ardent love for god was her fame.

for decades she lived and walked the desolate path alone;
at last she met the master and by his grace took her throne.

the crown and throne and orb of a god realized emperor:
the sky her roof, the ground her bed and a rock her pillow.

she travelled the islamic world, even went to mecca;
at about one hundred, she finally came to poona.

her name was now babajan, and her seat by a neem tree;
everything about her was fiercely beautiful and free!

darvish, she sobbed to meet at last her spiritual son:
one day merwan rode by, she kissed him- his advent had begun!




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