The greatest story ever told is about power and gold

“The greatest story ever told” is about power and gold:
early on church history put truth and beauty on hold.

That Christ is son of man and woman is lovely in deed-
Mary’s purity received Joseph’s immaculate seed!

Christ’s greatest love was the chaste and beautiful Magdalene:
She was not a whore, but slandered by petty, jealous men!

She remains the greatest apostle- she never denied
the life of Jesus, and she never believed he had died.

Mary, obedient and with invincible speechless grief,
carefully attended his unconscious body with vital faith.

She was by his side two days later when he groaned with pain;
her prescient love agonized for his life to remain.

She and others decided to spirit him far away;
they left quickly, after he “appeared” over a few days.

Jesus, the real ascetic, who threw away cup and comb,
traveled the world and finally in India made his home.

All of Darvish’s tears about the lies of rich priests,
become joyous when truth and beauty are released.




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