ghazal #446 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

Life has passed in earnest desire and barren outcome;
O son, pass my cup of wine that you may attain wisdom!

What sugar like souls have known contentment in this city-
Royal falcons of the path come to this station of flies!

He must be happy whose bloodied heart is like a musk pod,
Who became world famous because of his fragrant ballads!

Open your wings and sing from the Tuba tree-
What a shame a bird like you captive in a cage!

The caravan has left with you asleep about the ambush ahead;
Alas, that you remain ignorant with the camel bells ringing!

Flame flashed from Mount Sinai, and I was a witness;
Perhaps, I will bring a blazing brand of fire to you!

Like an incense burner, we seize the beloved’s daman with our breath;
We place our soul into fire to release our fragrant speech!

Hafez, much have you wandered about after your desire;
May god make the path to you, the importuned one, easy!

notes: Tuba tree- a tree in Paradise, whose shade is extensive.
also- “the best of anything”.




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