ghazal #387 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

veil the rose faced mistress with musk of hyacinth;
i mean- cover her cheeks, and destroy a world!

awaken the languorous narcissus to play,
and then have envy put her lively eye to sleep!

fling the sweat from your face and fill the garden,
as you have the cups of our eyes with essence of rose!

the days of the rose, like life, hasten to leave;
saqi, be quick to pass around the crimson glass!

inhale the violet’s scent and seize the beloved’s curls!
regard the tulip’s color and dedicate yourself to wine!

because you have the way and habit of killing lovers,
share the glass with your enemies, and scold us!

like the bubble, open your eye to the lips of the beloved cup;
and know this house to be made of the sparkling one!

hafez seeks union by the path of earnest prayer;
o lord, accept the love of those who give from the heart!




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