ghazal #331 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

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When the image of your face passes the garden of the eye,
The heart in search of a glance comes to the window of sight.

Come, because to honor your arrival with gift I have moved
Ruby and pearl from the heart’s treasury to vision’s keeping.

I see no place appropriate for the resting of your image-
I am of the world, as is this destined corner of the eye.

At dawn, my flowing tears were intent on ruining me-
If the blood of courage had not shuttered my eyelids.

The first day I saw your face, I heard my heart say,
If harm arrives, blood will color the light of my eye.

Last night, in hope of news of union with you, until dawn
I placed the lit lamp of the eye in the wind’s path.

In all manliness, do not strike Hafez’s painful heart,
With the heart-wounding and man-breaking glance.




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