The reluctance to act on truth breaks the spirit

The reluctance to act on truth breaks the spirit;
rage from doubt and fear drives us far, far apart.

Believe all pain from the Rose is but a trial:
know she does scorn and disdain her glib denial!

The status quo above all admires its own huge ass;
it regards its own anusial speech as first class!

Talk and talk and talk will someday bring you to god:
the chairman’s speech will drag you to the land of nod.

Our brother lies dead and his murder is ignored:
talk of embezzlement makes the trustees so bored.

The rose petals drop one by one in bloody red;
so much talk, yet so much more has been left unsaid!

Darvish cries out, where has our bright courage gone?
the real men have departed- we are so alone.




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One Response to The reluctance to act on truth breaks the spirit

  1. John Isaacs-Young says:

    Bill, this struck me as a nicely nuanced and subtle poem. Thanks for sharing it on video. I am thinking that roles such as chairman, trustees, the murdered brother could be populated with a number of different possible historical characters or some persons closer to home or just left blank. John I-Y

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