the lover with long curly hair…

the lover with a long curly wig shot me a glance;
this was just the beginning of a risque romance.

the early light blessed me with a god-awful headache:
my sincerity was much too painful to relate.

what can i say to the raw and bloody uncooked?
stay away from love unless you wish to be booked!

god forgives all of our embarrassing advances;
try and try to always pursue love’s best chances.

pigs squeal, dogs howl and man pleads to get some bliss;
the serpent twines around his mate with a sweet hiss.

god help us all to figure out this conundrum:
the more the mind thinks, the more dumb it becomes!

darvish was laughing and crying about such pain;
repeating the name of god is the best refrain!




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