ghazal #314 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

however old, heart worn and feeble i’ve become,
whenever i think of you, i again become young!

thank god that whatever i have asked of him,
i have always been fortunate in kindness received.

o young rose bush, enjoy your vast fortune because i
have become in your shade the bolbol of the world’s garden!

at first, i had no idea of the vagaries of life;
i’ve since become learned in the school of your sorrow!

my lot in life has entrusted me to the wine house-
despite my having become this, or become that!

it’s not that i’m old in time, but that the faithless friend
has passed me by like life itself, and aged me so!

the door of truth was opened to my heart on that day,
when i joined the dargah of the magian elder.

on the royal road of timeless grace to the throne of bliss,
it was by the wineglass i desired the heart’s friend!

from the moment the anarchy of your glance struck me,
i became safe from the terror of the end of time!

last night the preserver gave great news, saying o hafez
come back! i guarantee the forgiveness of all your sin!

notes: bolbol= nightingale; magian elder= the master;
dargah= court;




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