The Magian Elder has long black curly hair

The Magian Elder has long black curly hair;
his forehead shines with a light that removes all despair.

Zoroaster was the first avatar since the “big freeze,”
even if to modern learning this is one big huge tease.

It was he in the beginning who called us to his feet;
we were grunting in our bear skins as the ice beat retreat.

The holy fire he brought taught man we live by god alone:
it is by such blazing presence that divine love is known.

Fast forward to our present flickering electronic fire-
the tv we worship now is a squawking satanic choir!

The ice is still melting, sky high chunks many at a time;
we watch the news for the latest about this modern crime.

O Darvish, the Magian Elder, with his long black curly hair
has come back once again as the compassionate Meher.




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  1. harold jamison says:

    The second line is wonderful. Not saying the whole poem isn,t just that the second moves me. harold

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