The vigor of youth allures many to an early death;

The vigor of youth allures many to an early death;
much better to surrender all illusion with each breath.

Iskandar’s teacher was from the brilliant academy;
but desire goaded him on to ludicrous victory.

Such dominion over foreign lands is risky at best;
the defeated subject hates rulers of distant conquest.

This young nation worships the myth of class freedom,
having sought to keep half the world in financial serfdom.

Now corporate big fist pursues profit above all else:
the quarterly dividend has been supremely blessed!

Sometimes reckless youth longs to choke on puerile desire,
and on its own suffocating and tragic end conspire.

The foolish never believe that one day they will die;
Darvish must remember to always renounce me and my.

notes: brilliant academy= Plato’s academy, with Aristotle
as his successor, who tutored Alexander the Great (Iskandar).




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