ghazal #89 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

What grace it was that suddenly the sweat from your pen
Should ascribe the rights of our service to your generosity.

With the nib of your pen, you have inscribed our blessings;
May the revolving sky never lack your signature!

I do not say of heart-lost me that you remember badly;
Because in wisdom’s ledger, your pen has no such defect.

Don’t humiliate me in thanks for this great success:
That timeless grace has kept you dear and respected.

Come, and I will resolve by your long curly hair
That if my head rolls, it won’t be away from your feet!

You may be aware of our condition, but what of
The tulip that blooms from the grave of those slain in love?

The soft breeze brought the news of your curls to each rose;
How did the sentry allow the lover’s eyes into the harem?

What would you know of the heartsick when you drink
Constantly the wine of Khizr from Jamshid’s cup?

My heart is dwelling at your door- please respect it;
In thanks for which god keeps you honored!

O sweet breeze of Jesus, may all your days be happy,
Because by your breath Hafez’s heart sick soul survives!




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