the story of our nation is based on exceptional tragedy;

[cincopa AUHAAb6RxbCt]the story of our nation is based on exceptional tragedy;
our blood soaked bravery proudly waves the flag of cupidity.

columbus came looking for gold, but returned with feathered slaves;
historic conceit, moreover, crowned him an exemplary knave.

in return for his home, the red man was traded small pox and booze;
the white businessman, sober and astute, was never one to lose.

the black african was brought in chains to generate capital;
to get rich by another man’s sweat is always most affable!

our sweet water and rich land- the elements raped in pillage,
are on chemical life support and sold as the purest sewage.

jamestown was our first corporation, the mother of us all:
the dividend is her tit that keeps us so blissfully enthralled.

darvish, america is the place to get rich by insane gain-
where god smashed his body and broke his bones in terrible pain.

note: “god smashed his body…”= a reference to avatar meher baba’s
car accident in prague, ok., in 1952.




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