Hanuman, the courageous mind…

Hanuman, the courageous mind, says Ram, Ram, Ram:
all of his fantastic wit and strength is from love’s charm!

The monkey god makes us all look like stupid fools,
even if we have advanced degrees from the best schools.

He bears the ring to dam the river of Sita’s tears;
he easily finds the garden to remove her fears.

All the world’s anguish sobs in her terrible cries;
without her lord and beloved, she vows to die!

From the tree above he drops Ram’s ring into her hands,
and explains Ram will rescue her from Ravana’s land.

She now knows that her captivity will soon end:
all grace and fortune on the dear Master depend!

Darvish was walking in the dark forest of denial,
when his way was lit by the light from Sita’s bright smile.




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