freedom is just another word to break…

freedom is just another word to break our teeth upon;
mouthing such marble slogans insults the downtrodden!

we are so thoroughly brainwashed of all intelligence,
politics has nothing at all to do with common sense.

we must admit we have no agenda greater than greed;
it pays so very well, we delight to watch spirit bleed.

thirty pieces of silver buys a cross to hang the christ;
bloody good deal for the son of man at such a price!

mowlanna cried the long night to see his lost, divine sun;
all became blackness until heart’s longing began to spin.

the deepest and most terrible anguish is full of gold,
even when the friend for this rotting world is cheaply sold.

darvish does not have the tears to placate god’s burning ire;
the sweet cool waters of love’s mercy will dampen the fire.




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