the master most of all loves simple honesty;

the master most of all loves simple honesty;
love without sincerity is clever travesty.

what you believe has little to do with pure song;
feeling can caress like water what’s right or wrong.

balance between mind and heart is always supreme,
but thought is shallow compared to water’s theme.

the mind is like air and can unite distance;
but the heart flows like a river with presence.

the insubstantial blows away with a soft wind,
and on the shifting sands of time you can’t depend.

water nourishes growth and promotes memory:
the oak of shade and protection lasts a century.

when the name of the friend beats in the pulsing heart,
thought and feeling dance together with sublime art.

darvish walks along the river path of remembrance,
watching the birds fish the water with joyous cadence.




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