Mother Kali is beautiful and ferocious beyond belief;

Mother Kali is beautiful and ferocious beyond belief;
Approach her as a lover, and you will know soon enough!

Kali is not a mother who preserves the status quo;
She loves to destroy all that impedes her creative flow.

Kali is consciousness passionate to reveal herself;
She will rip limb from body to uncover her pure self.

She stands on her consort Shiva whose body appears dead;
He breathes and lives through her blood dripping smiling head!

She is Shakti and delights to display her holy prowess;
Her thirst for life is infinite and her courage boundless.

Kali is the dance of spirit through form with fiery love;
She is the ecstatic dance of bliss as all veils are removed.

Darvish loves his wild Mother for her perfect devotion;
She never rests from rescuing her lost desperate son.






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