ghazal #339, divan-e-hafez, revised with rhyme

Idol, how am I to manage the pain of love’s plight,
And for how long do I cry in grief through the night?

The heart goes berserk when it is so disdained-
Unless all of your curls secure me with chains!

By your head of curls, my total distraction is such,
Where is the skill to explain each one- it’s too much!

All that I have suffered in separation so long,
Is ridiculous to recount in this simple song!

When it is time to desire sight of your bright visage,
I paint my mind with the colors of your beautiful image.

If I knew that in this way union could be granted,
I would bet my heart and faith, and forever be contented.

Keep your good distance preacher, and stop posing;
I’m not one to listen to your lies masquerading!

Hafez, there is no hope of honor from venality;
And when fate is such, how can I avoid pity?




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